Creating OpenAPI 3.0 Documentation (with Swagger UI) in Spring Boot

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Steps to Create OpenAPI 3.0 API Documentation with Swagger in Spring Boot

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Firstly, you need to add “springdoc” dependency to your pom.xml file (My spring boot version is 2.6.3 and spring-doc-openapi.version is 1.6.5):


I declared a context path in (please beware that api doc url will be affected by this):


Urls for OpenAPI JSON documentation and Swagger will be:

OpenAPI Documentation JSON URL => http://localhost:8000/api/v3/api-docs)
Swagger URL => http://localhost:8000/api/swagger-ui/index.html

Later, we will create a configuration class for OpenAPI in the project:


With @Operation, you can define the purpose of your API.

@Tag helps you to label to group (such as API methods in a REST Controller, etc.). Please pay attention to both @Tags and “tags” field in @Operation.

You can use @Parameter annotation with “ParameterIn.HEADER” to declare a header parameter.

With @ApiResponses, you can declare each of your status codes (with @ApiResponse) that your api may return, with their explanations.

@Content with @Schema you can declare your response type. You can specify it with “type” or “implementation”.
If the response is a list of objects, you can specify it with @ArraySchema as:

content = @Content(array = @ArraySchema(schema = @Schema(implementation = OrderInfo.class)))

Below, I share “books” REST Controller implementation which includes GET, POST, PATCH api’s:

Here are some fragments from OpenAPI documentation served via “http://localhost:8000/api/v3/api-docs” (viewed with JSON Viewer Chrome Extension which you can install from here.)

OpenAPI Doc — General Info and Tags
OpenAPI Doc — Paths
OpenAPI Doc — Class Definitions Used in Request/Response

And, here are fragments from Swagger documentation (http://localhost:8000/api/swagger-ui/index.html) :

Swagger — General Info and Tags
Swagger — Paths
Swagger — Class Definitions Used in Request/Response

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