How does Google’s i18n Phone Number Validation Library Work?

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Short details to understand how phone number validation is performed with googlei18n libphonenumber dependency

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For phone number validation, since regex does not cover all cases for all countries, Google’s PhoneNumberUtil is preferred to be used (

PhoneNumber phoneNumber = PHONE_UTIL.parse(number_to_check, “”);

For the first 3 characters, first one or first two or first three, is checked against countryCallingCodeToRegionCodeMap and the first found match is selected as countryCode. If a countryCode cannot be found, an exception will be thrown:

countryCallingCodeToRegionCodeMap content (there have been updates since my last debug inspect but still will look more or less alike):

{1=[US, AG, AI, AS, BB, BM, BS, CA, DM, DO, GD, GU, JM, KN, KY, LC, MP, MS, PR, SX, TC, TT, VC, VG, VI], 7=[RU, KZ], 20=[EG], 27=[ZA], 30=[GR], 31=[NL], 32=[BE], 33=[FR], 34=[ES], 36=[HU], 39=[IT, VA], 40=[RO], 41=[CH], 43=[AT], 44=[GB, GG, IM, JE], 45=[DK], 46=[SE], 47=[NO, SJ], 48=[PL], 49=[DE], 51=[PE], 52=[MX], 53=[CU], 54=[AR], 55=[BR], 56=[CL], 57=[CO], 58=[VE], 60=[MY], 61=[AU, CC, CX], 62=[ID], 63=[PH], 64=[NZ], 65=[SG], 66=[TH], 590=[GP, BL, MF], 591=[BO], 592=[GY], 81=[JP], 593=[EC], 82=[KR], 594=[GF], 595=[PY], 84=[VN], 596=[MQ], 597=[SR], 86=[CN], 598=[UY], 599=[CW, BQ], 90=[TR], 91=[IN], 92=[PK], 93=[AF], 94=[LK], 95=[MM], 98=[IR], 670=[TL], 672=[NF], 673=[BN], 674=[NR], 675=[PG], 676=[TO], 677=[SB], 678=[VU], 679=[FJ], 680=[PW], 681=[WF], 682=[CK], 683=[NU], 685=[WS], 686=[KI], 687=[NC], 688=[TV], 689=[PF], 690=[TK], 691=[FM], 692=[MH], 211=[SS], 212=[MA, EH], 213=[DZ], 216=[TN], 218=[LY], 220=[GM], 221=[SN], 222=[MR], 223=[ML], 224=[GN], 225=[CI], 226=[BF], 227=[NE], 228=[TG], 229=[BJ], 230=[MU], 231=[LR], 232=[SL], 233=[GH], 234=[NG], 235=[TD], 236=[CF], 237=[CM], 238=[CV], 239=[ST], 240=[GQ], 241=[GA], 242=[CG], 243=[CD], 244=[AO], 245=[GW], 246=[IO], 247=[AC], 248=[SC], 249=[SD], 250=[RW], 251=[ET], 252=[SO], 253=[DJ], 254=[KE], 255=[TZ], 256=[UG], 257=[BI], 258=[MZ], 260=[ZM], 261=[MG], 262=[RE, YT], 263=[ZW], 264=[NA], 265=[MW], 266=[LS], 267=[BW], 268=[SZ], 269=[KM], 800=[001], 290=[SH, TA], 291=[ER], 808=[001], 297=[AW], 298=[FO], 299=[GL], 850=[KP], 852=[HK], 853=[MO], 855=[KH], 856=[LA], 350=[GI], 351=[PT], 352=[LU], 353=[IE], 354=[IS], 355=[AL], 356=[MT], 357=[CY], 358=[FI, AX], 870=[001], 359=[BG], 878=[001], 880=[BD], 881=[001], 370=[LT], 882=[001], 371=[LV], 883=[001], 372=[EE], 373=[MD], 374=[AM], 886=[TW], 375=[BY], 376=[AD], 888=[001], 377=[MC], 378=[SM], 380=[UA], 381=[RS], 382=[ME], 385=[HR], 386=[SI], 387=[BA], 389=[MK], 420=[CZ], 421=[SK], 423=[LI], 960=[MV], 961=[LB], 962=[JO], 963=[SY], 964=[IQ], 965=[KW], 966=[SA], 967=[YE], 968=[OM], 970=[PS], 971=[AE], 972=[IL], 973=[BH], 974=[QA], 975=[BT], 976=[MN], 977=[NP], 979=[001], 992=[TJ], 993=[TM], 994=[AZ], 995=[GE], 996=[KG], 998=[UZ], 500=[FK], 501=[BZ], 502=[GT], 503=[SV], 504=[HN], 505=[NI], 506=[CR], 507=[PA], 508=[PM], 509=[HT]}

After a countryCode is selected, it gets the countryCode’s mapping region list for countryCallingCodeToRegionCodeMap.

There is also a phoneNumberRegion which distinguishes the actual country.

For example, for Barbados, countryCode=1 and regionCode=246

After that, the phone number you provided is ready to be applied a pattern regex for each of the regex values in metadata xml file given for countryCode.

The main methods that perform these are pasted below:

The main method definition:

Method which finds countryCode (MAX_LENGTH_COUNTRY_CODE = 3 as static default):

Method which finds regionCode:

You can see the original methods here:

You can also check how it works with the demo

I searched online for a public library phone to check: +44 (0)1937 546546

Now, I will be testing for this number. I only filled in input field in Step 1 (removed parenthesis and empty spaces) and then hit Submit button:

Result Page:

Here is a small Utility Class to show how you can use the dependency for phone number validation in Java:

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