Introduction to Cassandra

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Book Recommendations:

  • Cassandra: The Definitive Guide: Distributed Data at Web Scale (Eben Hewitt and Jeff Carpenter) 2nd Ed.
  • Practical Cassandra: A Developer’s Approach (Eric Lubow and Russell Bradberry)
  • Learning Apache Cassandra (Sandeep Arabalar)

Connection Pooling

  • when a query gets executed, a stream id gets assigned to it. It is a unique identifier on the current connection;
  • the driver writes a request containing the stream id and the query on the connection, and then proceeds without waiting for the response (if you’re using the asynchronous API, this is when the driver will send you back a java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage). Once the request has been written to the connection, we say that it is in flight;
  • at some point, Cassandra will send back a response on the connection. This response also contains the stream id, which allows the driver to trigger a callback that will complete the corresponding query (this is the point where your CompletionStage will get completed).

Important Notes for Implementation:

Delete Operations



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